134th canton fair

Time: Nov 07, 2023

Shishi Xinjia Electronics Co., Ltd., as a leading manufacturer in the field of electronic watches, successfully participated in the second phase of the Canton Fair and concluded successfully.

Xinjia Electronics Co., Ltd. showcased its eye-catching range of electronic watches at the Canton Fair. These watches combine fashionable designs with various materials and received widespread attention and praise from the audience. The various attractive watches displayed on the booth showcase Suga Electronics' persistent pursuit of innovation, quality and user experience.

At the same time, the Canton Fair also provides Suga Electronics with an opportunity to interact closely with new and old customers. The company delegation warmly entertained customers from all over the country and had in-depth exchanges and negotiations with them. The two parties had good communication on product characteristics, market demand and cooperation opportunities, which further consolidated Xinjia Electronics' position in the industry.

The chairman of Xinjia Electronics Co., Ltd. said that participating in the Canton Fair is one of the company's important strategies to achieve brand promotion and market expansion. The complete success of this exhibition once again proves the competitiveness and market recognition of the company's products. The company will continue to strengthen research and development innovation to meet the growing needs of consumers and provide customers with more competitive products and services.

The experience of successfully participating in this exhibition will become the driving force and valuable asset for Suga Electronics to continue to move forward. The company will further explore domestic and foreign markets and work with more outstanding partners to promote the development of the electronic watch industry and bring more surprises and convenience to users.

Shishi Xinjia Electronics Co., Ltd. will continue to adhere to the customer-centered concept and continuously improve product technology and service quality in order to pursue higher customer satisfaction. In the future, the company will continue to work hard to create more new products for customers.

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