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Time: Jul 13, 2023

Recently, in order to celebrate the glorious history of the 26th anniversary, Shishi SUGA Electronics Co., Ltd., in order to enrich the factory celebration activities and stimulate the vitality and unity of the employees, the company specially launched a wonderful tug-of-war competition. With the active participation and enthusiastic response of the majority of employees, a total of 13 teams participated.


On the activity day, the employees of the company gathered on the playground early, filled with joy and unity. The tug-of-war teams formed by various departments are ready to go, demonstrating their teamwork and coordination spirit.


After the game started, the players devoted themselves to the tug-of-war competition. They cooperated with each other, grasped the rope tightly, and pulled it to their side with all their strength. The team's cooperation and tacit understanding made the whole competition venue full of fierce competition and exciting atmosphere.


In the fierce competition, each team showed their unity and tenacity. Whether they are workers from the production department or office staff, they all showed their tenacious will to fight for the victory for their team.



As the game progressed, each team showed their persistence and persistence, did not give up easily, and fought for the last moment. In the end, the winning team was determined in an exciting duel, and they gained glory and a sense of accomplishment.

This tug-of-war competition is not only a kind of sports competition, but more importantly, it stimulates the cohesion and unity among employees. Employees from various departments exchanged, cooperated and coordinated with each other through the competition, which broke down the barriers between departments and enhanced mutual understanding and friendship.
The 26th anniversary celebration of Shishi SUGA Electronics Co., Ltd. is not only a review of the past hard work, but also an expectation for the future. Through this tug-of-war competition, the company emphasized the importance of teamwork and encouraged employees to go forward bravely and continue to create more brilliant achievements in the future development.
SUGA Electronics believes that the power of unity cannot be ignored, and such unity stems from the active participation and dedication of each employee. In the future journey, the company will continue to adhere to the concept of teamwork, work together with employees, create greater value for customers with innovative technology and high-quality products, and contribute to the development of the electronic watch industry.


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