The 133rd Canton Fair

Time: May 05, 2023

On April 27, 2023, the second phase of the offline exhibition of the 133rd Canton Fair that our company participated in officially ended successfully! Our company was invited to participate in the exhibition. At this year's Canton Fair, we showed a variety of newly designed electronic watches, which received enthusiastic attention and praise from customers.

At this exhibition, we exhibited different types of electronic watches including dual-movement watches, quartz watches, children's watches, timepieces, chime clocks, electronic clocks, etc. Each watch focuses on fashion design and user experience, and is well received by Welcome to customers at home and abroad. Among them, the electronic clock has become a popular product at this exhibition, demonstrating our technical advantages and innovation capabilities.

During the exhibition, our company's business team had extensive exchanges and communication with new and old customers from all over the world, showing our products and services to customers, as well as our achievements in electronic watches. During this process, we have achieved great improvement and gains in brand promotion and business development, and established our company's important position in the field of electronic watches.

On the second day of the exhibition, Xie Jianzhi, deputy mayor of Shishi City, and Su Jinfa, director of the Bureau of Commerce, and a group of people visited our company's booth to learn about our company's current product development and marketing strategies. At the booth, Vice Mayor Xie had an in-depth exchange with the chairman of our company to understand the sales situation of our company's products and the problems encountered at present. The chairman said that the company will continue to actively innovate and find products that are more suitable for consumers' needs. Strive for excellence in service.

After the visit, the deputy mayor put forward valuable suggestions on the current foreign trade and economic situation and encouraged our company to accumulate market information, strengthen product research and development according to market demand, actively expand external markets, and constantly explore new business opportunities.

The leader's visit to our company's booth this time is an affirmation of our company's brand and a guide to our forward direction. We will take this exhibition as an opportunity to strengthen our R&D and production capabilities, improve product quality and competitiveness, and further explore the international market, so as to accelerate the pace of development and inject new impetus into economic transformation and development.

On the third day of the exhibition, relevant leaders of Guangdong Province visited our company booth to visit electronic watches


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